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Spectre and Meltdown – What you should be doing to protect yourself

Don’t hit that “update later” button – you really need to update today. Chances are you own one or more devices that are currently vulnerable to hackers. You may have recently seen news headlines about Spectre & Meltdown CPU security … Read More

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Protecting Your Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve been hearing all the buzz on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If you’re thinking about turning your money into cryptocurrency or already have, you should also think about how to protect it. Several cryptocurrency … Read More

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Protect Yourself Virtually This Holiday Season

The holidays are full of family, food, and fun. The other thing you’ll find yourself doing a lot is holiday shopping. Whether you are just browsing or actually making purchases online, you need to know how to protect yourself virtually. … Read More

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Repeater / Extender vs. Mesh Network

The Problem Whether it’s in your home, a friend or relative’s home, or your office, you may notice Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t always the same in every part of the structure. Some routers just aren’t built to provide Wi-Fi throughout all … Read More

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Hurricane Evacuation

Refresher on Preparing Your Technology for a Hurricane

Now that we are in the peak of hurricane season, it’s good to refresh yourself on how to prepare your technology for hurricanes. Whether you are a business owner or not, you still have important documents, data, and pictures you … Read More

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Keep Your Files Close and Safe with Carbonite

Imagine you turn on your computer one day and nothing looks right. You’ve lost all the work you have been doing all semester and all the pictures from your wedding five years ago. These were saved on your computer but … Read More

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What is encryption and why is it important?

When you use your laptop, tablet, or smart phone you are not just surfing the internet. You may use these devices to access your bank account information or make a purchase that involves you entering your name, address, and credit … Read More

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How to protect yourself from “WannaCry” and other Ransomware

We wrote an article describing Ransomware back in March of 2016 which you can view here. This time, we wanted to get into the specifics of the most recent Ransomware designated as “WannaCry” and what you can do to prevent … Read More

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How can I prevent companies like Facebook, Google, and my ISP from spying on me?

    You may soon have little control over your browsing history and how it is shared. If that statement makes you a little nervous, it should. However, there may be some ways you can prevent certain companies from spying … Read More

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Do I need Antivirus / Anti-malware on my Mac?

One of the major benefits to using a Mac was that it was pretty much immune to virus infection, this is due to the rock-solid UNIX foundation that the operating system is built on. However, now that the number of … Read More

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