Do I need Antivirus / Anti-malware on my Mac?

One of the major benefits to using a Mac was that it was pretty much immune to virus infection, this is due to the rock-solid UNIX foundation that the operating system is built on. However, now that the number of Mac users have increased over the years, there have been more attempts to infect Mac OS.

While Microsoft Windows users complain about receiving automatic updates, this actually helps prevent security issues. Mac users have to go to the app store and initiate the next update. A lot of users tend to not do this right away, leaving them vulnerable to various exploits, such as browser hijacks, ransomware, and performance issues.

Macs will not typically get a virus or malware infection without a user initiating a file, such as one found through a torrent site while downloading movies, music, or software. Other examples include opening an e-mail attachment from someone that you do not know or by installing software that you think is helping you optimize your Mac.  In reality you are leaving it open to track your searches and display ads or pop-ups trying to get you to purchase something to remove these pop-ups.

The benefit of Antivirus / Anti-malware software is that it prevents some of these downloads from happening. Some of these programs will install an add-on for your browser that displays when a search result appears to be a website, thus resulting in an infection. At an average price of about $39 – $49 per year, which typically covers multiple computers, it doesn’t hurt you to have that added level of protection.


Top Tips to Prevent an infection:Mac Desktop

  • Always check for updates (both Apple system updates and the App Store).
  • Have multiple backup solutions (Cloud based and local backup)
    We highly recommend Carbonite as a cloud backup solution, plans start at $59 per year.
  • Keep your browsers up to date (if you use Chrome or Firefox make sure you update them as well.)
  • Get an antivirus / antimalware software such as Webroot which will add an extension to your browser and alert you when you come across a search result that could be a risk to your mac.


If you haven’t had your computer checked out in a while and unsure about doing all the updates yourself, we can assist. We offer onsite solutions for your home or business as well as a free phone consultation.



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