Repeater / Extender vs. Mesh Network

The Problem

Whether it’s in your home, a friend or relative’s home, or your office, you may notice Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t always the same in every part of the structure. Some routers just aren’t built to provide Wi-Fi throughout all buildings.


Fixing the Problem

The good news is, there are ways to fix that problem! There are a couple of things to consider before deciding whether to fix the problem with a repeater/extender or a mesh network. The cost of the product to fix it, the size of the building, and the quality of your current router are all things to take into consideration when making your decision.


Repeater/Extender vs. Mesh Network

Repeaters and extenders duplicate the signal from your router. It repeats it from that point on and extends the capability of your router. A mesh network is more like separate routers you can put in each room that will provide Wi-Fi all over your house or building. Repeaters and Mesh Networks are similar but each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Why Mesh Network?

Investing in a mesh network system could be a bold move for some. But the fact that it can solve most, if not all, your Wi-Fi problems should be a no brainer. It’s like having little Wi-Fi stations all over your house or office and provides you with a strong wireless connection.


Eero & Google Mesh Networks

Last year, Eero released a mesh network and of course, big brands like Google released their own versions. You may think a mesh network is only for big offices or big homes, but it is highly recommended for all structures, even smaller ones. Not only does the Wi-Fi connectivity improve but systems like Eero and Google Wi-Fi include smartphone apps that allow you to manage and understand your system better.

Here are some of the main points of each of the two systems:

Google Wi-Fi

  • Great App & easy installation
  • Great solo router
  • Only dual band
  • No VPN pass-through
  • Needs lots of space from wall


  • The systems are small and aesthetically
  • Great App & easy installation
  • Most expensive mesh system
  • Only 2 Ethernet ports

Whichever system you decide to use, a mesh network is definitely the way of the future in Wi-Fi quality.

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