Should I Buy The Most Expensive Router?

Are you having trouble with wireless range in your Home / Office / Apartment?

Buying the most expensive router doesn’t always solve the problem. A router can be priced high for many reasons which include range, however, I will list the features that are not necessary for Speed or Range on a Wireless network.

  • Gigabit Lan / Gigabit Ethernet – If you have computers or devices connected with an actual Ethernet cable and not wireless, this feature “might” be important for you. Gigabit Ethernet allows for faster speeds across the network when transferring files from one computer to another when all devices on the network are actually hard wired to a router. This will NOT affect internet speeds.
  • USB Port – If your router has a USB port, this adds the feature of being able to connect a USB External Hard Drive or Flash drive to share files across the network. This port can also be used for connecting a USB Printer which can be shared across the network.
  • DualBand Routers – This feature is great for separating devices on your network, a good example would be if you stream media from your computer to your TV and you don’t want to slow down the rest of your network for tasks such as checking email or browsing the web. It is like having two routers in one with a second band working on a more robust and less crowded network.

Now to get to the reason why you might be here, which is the range of your wireless network.

First you need to look at your layout and the distance you are trying to cover. WIFI Range is rated for a large area with no walls, furniture, appliances, etc.. Unless you live in a warehouse, you will never get the rated range of the router you purchased.

If you have an L shaped house it would be best to place your router in a central location for the best coverage, if this is not possible you should use a device such as your smart phone, laptop, or tablet and connect to your wireless network and start walking around your house while watching the wireless strength and see where it drops drastically.

Just before it drops which might normally be near a kitchen, exterior wall, garage, or a corner which leads to the other side of the house, you need to place a range expander.

You can purchase an inexpensive router and a range extender which will get you better coverage than a single $200 router ever could.

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