Hosted VoIP Solutions

The Tech Zen along with our partners offers hosted VoIP solutions for your small business. We can provide a reliable, flexible, scalable, and incredibly affordable phone system, that can help your small business grow. The “Hosted” in hosted VoIP means that the equipment that provides the infrastructure for the VoIP service is stored and maintained in a remote centralized location, allowing for increased reliability, and reduced cost to the consumer.


Connect Everyone

The ability to page a group, transfer a call to someone’s voicemail, connect 10 people to a conference bridge, or listen to your messages on your smartphone are not only possible but simple.

Collaborate Everywhere

Jive allows you to work from home, on the go, remotely, and—when it’s time for a break—not at all. Manage the system from any computer, and make calls from any desktop or mobile device.

Costs Less

Hundreds of advanced features come standard, giving your customers an enterprise-quality experience.

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