Protect Yourself Virtually This Holiday Season

holiday computer

The holidays are full of family, food, and fun. The other thing you’ll find yourself doing a lot is holiday shopping. Whether you are just browsing or actually making purchases online, you need to know how to protect yourself virtually. We’ve compiled a short list of just a few things you can do to protect yourself and your data during the holidays.


  • Install Firmware and Update your apps and operating system
    You should always keep your technology the most up to date. This helps keep your devices secure and with each update, there’s a little more security with each one. Operating system upgrades are helpful on all devices because they incorporate the company’s latest security posture.
  • Configure your Wi-Fi networks
    Unless you set up your own Wi-Fi network, you can’t be sure that it’s secure. When a network is unencrypted, it means random people can connect to your network and steal Wi-Fi or worst case scenario, they can snoop and steal information. Always make sure your network is password protected. You should also install firmware updates for your router and set a memorable password that is not easy to guess. Be careful about accessing the web on public Wi-Fi networks. These are prime targets for hackers. It’s always best to use secure Wi-Fi when making purchases online and using your banking or credit card information.
  • Be smart about online shopping and create strong email passwords

It’s a good idea to consider creating a free email account through Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail only for online shopping. This will avoid your regular email addresses from being comprised. Be sure to do your research on any websites you plan to purchase form to make sure they are legitimate. Your email passwords are the keys to your personal world. There is so much information to gain from your email and scammers can crack into other accounts based on this information. It’s best to create passwords for your emails that are not easy to guess or crack.


Whether it’s the holiday season or not, there is always a potential for your information to be stolen and your network to be hacked. This is why it’s vital to keep up with upgrades and ensure you create difficult passwords to hack. If you ever suspect you’ve been compromised or if you have questions regarding keeping your information safe, contact your IT professional.

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