Business WIFI and Networking Solutions

We provide WIFI and Networking solutions for small businesses throughout southeast Florida.

Our solutions include:

  • Onsite Consultation
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Wireless Access Point installation
  • Network Rack installation
  • Cloud Network Management

Whether your business needs a public WIFI solution for guests/visitors, a private WIFI for the staff, or a firewall that provides additional threat management, we can provide a consultation and put together a solution that works for you.

Cloud Managed Network

Our cloud solution allows us to manage and monitor the network devices we deploy for your business. We will push firmware/security updates as required to keep your devices secure as well as monitor for alerts on the network. The firewall is an added layer of security that also needs to be monitored and updated regularly to provide the best protection to your network.

Enterprise grade hardware at a small business cost

The hardware we recommend includes features such as:

  • WAN Fail Over

    Allows you to add a backup ISP in case the primary internet goes down.

  • VPN

    Allows a secure connection to your office network remotely.

  • Network Isolation

    Allows Guests to be limited to a specific network segment.

  • WPA2 Encryption

    Wireless encryption to prevent unauthorized access to a specific WIFI network.

  • Captive Portal

    Allows a Guest to connect for a limited time and provides a landing page.

  • UTM

    Added features for your firewall that adds malware protection to your firewall *requires additional licenses

  • More...

The Tech Zen recommends that you do not rely on your Internet Service Provider for setting up your wireless network and expecting that to be your only gateway to the internet. Ransomware is on the rise and any additional layers of protection you can add between your computers and the internet is strongly recommended.

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call and we can go over your business needs to find a solution that works for you.